Meet Kate & Kate

Meet Kate & Kate

We love celebrating Australian brands here at The White Room! We first met the dynamic duo Kate and Kate back in 2015 when we started TWR! We were lucky enough to bring some interior enthusiasts to their show room in Port Melbourne on our "Meet the makers" shopping tour! And its been love ever since..

We took 5 minutes to chat to the sister-in-law creatives and see what makes them tick!

- Tell us about how K&K came to be?
It was a happy accident really – when we met our manufacturers at a sourcing fair, it was completely out of the blue. In true Kate & Kate form, we put the cart before the horse, as it was only then that we decided to get into the design industry. We had pretty much no experience in textiles or design, but we learnt on the hop. It’s been quite a ride!

- How do you divide up tasks within the business? 
Both Kate and I work on the design side of the business. That is always a true collaboration. I manage the manufacturing, marketing and PR side of things, while (Melbourne) Kate manages the Showroom and Warehouse. We both do the money thing together, so it’s not too stressful for either one of us!

- Your showroom is so stunning! Do you still get excited when you go down to Melbourne and walk into that space?
Oh my gosh, absolutely. It’s one of the things we are most proud of. To work with Fiona Lynch on the design was one of those incredibly special life moments and the results are pretty damn amazing. I love people coming into the Showroom, as the response is almost always the same… WOW!

- Any news on upcoming ranges?
We are actually taking a break for the upcoming Summer 17/18 season, to allow ourselves the freedom to see where other creative paths lead without any pressure on us. Stay tuned.

- You are always collaborating, which is amazing! how do you find these collaboration partners?
It’s the very best. It’s so much fun and so inspiring – it’s been at the heart of Kate & Kate’s development and growth. I still can’t believe all those amazing people and brands agreed to work with us – and produce so much amazingness. So good.

(above - Kate & Kate collaborate with Arent & Pyke)

- Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Gosh, that’s a hard one – I would love to still be producing textiles, but in a smaller, more exclusive capacity. Working with artists and creatives from all over and translating their designs into textiles… but we’ll see!


Thanks Kate & Kate! We are thrilled to be your first US stockist!