Introducing Rachel Castle

Introducing Rachel Castle

Introducing Castle

I’m excited to tell you about our recent addition to the Rohaus store, Castle. 

I know what you’re thinking, “Ro, can you tell me more about who is the creative creature behind Castle?!”. Well lucky for you I’m writing this blog to answer your questions and share my Castle favourites.

Rachel Castle is the brains behind the brand and has been producing accessible art, beautiful bedlinen and cheeky sweaters since 2008. 


Castle ticks all the Rohaus boxes - a small Sydney based creator who brings bold colours, fun prints, humour and nostalgia to every piece in her collection. Castle is the epitome of the Australian aesthetic.  


My top pick from the Castle collection are the bath towels! Towels are a simple and affordable way to jazz up any bathroom. All three towels work together as a trio or in any duo combination. 

Here’s some nostalgia for you - my Nanna had kitchen carpet. Yes, carpet in the kitchen! It was a classic 70’s pattern with the standard earth toned colour palette and a pop of orange. As soon as I saw the tone of orange Rachel has used for the Toffee bath towel, I instantly thought of my Nanna’s kitchen! Isn’t it amazing how something as simple as a colour can spark childhood memories? 


Before I sign off, I thought I’d share a styling tip with you - the Raspberry bath towel and Sage and Clare’s Cara Tutfed bath mat are a match made in heaven!


Make Castle feel welcome! I’m excited to bring more of her designs to you soon.

Xx Ro