Introducing Heartland by Kip & Co.

Introducing Heartland by Kip & Co.

The team at Kip & Co have done it again! Heartland is the latest collection to hit the market and bring all of our jaws to the floor.. Full of rich colour and heart warming patterns, the collection will have something for everyone. The latest trend to hit the bedding market is Corduroy! and we aren't upset about it - 2 gorgeous colour-ways in the magically textured material - Goldie cord and the Lilac cord are sure to get you feeling cozy and warm this winter. The usual suspects are also back - European flax linen, rich plush velvets and some kick ass cotton to bring the collection home. Goldie cord quilt cover kip and co

Strong cushion games yet again! New shapes and sizes to fill any voids in your house. 

colombo quilt cover kip and co

heartland collection by kip and co

peony quilt cover by kip and co

And we get to see the next range of cutlery designed by the dynamic trio! Smokey Amber and Pink Marble are the options and they are single handedly upping the entertaining anti this season.

kip and co cutlery

smokey amber cutlery set kip and co

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