Introducing Annie Everingham

Introducing Annie Everingham

Annie Everingham is a young Australian visual artist and designer.

An intuitive and colour driven painter, she combines a love of fashion & textile design, natural forms, delicate textures and abstract patterns to encapsulate the elements of beauty found in everyday life, creating dreamy contemporary artworks on canvas using a variety of materials including acrylic, inks, spray paint and chalk pastels.

While a keen illustrator and artist since childhood, Annie was formally trained in fashion & textile design, and it was through her practical experiments in the print room that she fell in love with creating abstract textures and artworks through drawing, hand painting and dyeing for surface prints, as well as being drawn to the endless possibilities provided by digital printing onto fabrics.

With an eye for beauty, her work often mirrors the delicate femininity of this practice. Her work is richly layered with references to the world of colour swatches, pattern, fashion, interiors, architecture, clashing cultures, flowers and natural elements. Passionately exploring technique, composition and colour, she brings a youthful and unreserved signature style to each new project. Her paintings explore the intersections of line and colour, with an emphasis on bold hyper coloured shapes, calming pastel washes, and vibrant, expressive brushstrokes. Working across a variety of creative pursuits and constantly consuming the visual world around her, Annie is unashamedly experimental and is always exploring and developing her artistic practice over time.

Excited by every possibility and pushing herself to uncover new potential, she relishes in the pure joy of creating and applying herself creatively, constantly evolving her style and redefining the intrinsic links between the worlds of art and design.