5 Bedroom Styling Tips

5 Bedroom Styling Tips

5 bedroom styling tips

People often ask me how I style my bedroom. So I thought I would put together some the tricks I use when undertaking a bedroom makeover!

1- Start with a neutral base

This is the foundation to your room! So when I talk about the base I am referring to your walls, bed and flooring. This is especially important if you don't have the luxury of changing your furniture every few years or with every new style trend! It also gives you the freedom to change the smaller accessories as often as you like and knowing it will work with your base.


2- Layer

Have you ever seen a magazine shot of a bedroom with just one piece of linen on the bed? Or just 2 pillows? I haven't.. And thats because it doesn't tell a story of a styled room. When you add layers to your bed it tells people that you have thought about how you want this room to look and you have put some effort into achieving that look! It also enables you to make colour connections between your bed and other accessories in your room. Making colour connections is one of the key principles when creating a cohesive feel to your room. Try and use colours that compliment each other and link them to colours in your art work, rug, wall colour or accessories. Create layers with throw blankets, cushions and linen. Don't be scared to use some bold colours and interesting patterns when layering your bed.


3- Feather

This is a pretty simple trick but it makes a world of difference! Use feather inserts in your cushions! It makes a huge difference to the shape of your cushions and the presentation of your bed. When they get a little flat or out of shape they can be easily fluffed up to make them plump again. This will give your bed a super soft and inviting look!


4- Size

Another super simple trick that anyone can do! A friend taught me this and it has made a world of difference! When you choose a bed size, choose a duvet size that is one size bigger! For example, if you buy a queen sized bed buy a king sized duvet! The overhang makes for a super luxe look - and more duvet to steal from your partner!


5- Rug it

Having a rug in your bedroom makes for a more complete look. If you finish your room and feel like there is something missing add a rug! If you compare the before and after rug pics you will be amazed at the difference. To get tips on how to choose a rug see our previous blog post on choosing a rug for your home.


Happy styling folks,