Ro's Story

Who puts the Ro in RoHaus?

It’s the small town country boy come modern day Florence Nightingale Ro!


Born in bred in Myrtleford, Victoria, Ro spent his days working in the family shop dipping into the till every Sunday so he could treat himself to the $10 lunch special from the local Chinese restaurant. Eventually Ro’s personality became too flamboyant for little old Myrtleford so he followed his heart, and the Hume, all the way down to Melbourne and became a real life angel; a nurse.


Ro always had a penchant for design, as a child he commissioned a sky blue feature wall for his bedroom. A very bold choice. Ro’s dreams of studying architecture were cut short when he realised maths was involved - the only angles Ro can work with are his own, in good lighting.
When Ro and his lover in life (and sometimes crime) Magnus moved in together, it was the first time Ro had free range to create, not just a space, but a whole house just as he please. This free range sparked more joy than Marie Kondo ever could in Ro and his creative juices started to flow.

Fast forward to years later when Ro was living in New York and attempting to jazz up his apartment that he struggled to find anything that resemble the Australian aesthetic. There really is nothing like it. In that moment a light bulb went off for Ro, literally because he had flicked a switch but also figuratively. Ro started an online store that introduced Australian brands to the global market. Once Ro had finished living out his Sex in the City New York fantasy (such a Carrie) he returned to Melbourne with Magnus and their species fluid children (dogs) Archie and Sadie. He re-branded what he had started in New York and viola! RoHaus.


RoHaus is an Australian aesthetic extravaganza! For Ro, the Australian aesthetic is colourful, relaxed, playful, welcoming with personal touches of nostalgia and sentiment. RoHaus showcases small Australian businesses and inspires creative confidence within the RoHaus community.


“Everyone needs a bit of RoHaus in their own house!”



Gossip Girl Ro